As a Jewelry estate buyer, my job is to assist clients with the knowledge of their family heirlooms’ values to obtain the best market price. It will be only through the accurate evaluation that we will successfully sell online to the worlds awaiting buyer and for its best price. By informing a buyer of the accurate description of the jewelry, only then will the seller be successful and a buying client, happy.  

By evaluating the condition and content of jewelry it must be stated the accurate timeline and style allowing for the overall values to be correctly stated. While evaluating for consignment, it’s essential that the jewelry be stated correctly to credit the jewelry and the seller.

The range of jewelry that is evaluated, coming across my desk may come from the early 17th Century. These items are called the Gregorian Era and can be dated circa 1710 and are made with materials commonly used; silver and gold. The diamonds gemstones were commonly cut into rose-cut shapes and the style comes from King George era.

Later, the Victorian era, also know from Queen Victorian used lockets, platinum and gold with a mine cut diamonds hand cut,  prior to the later faceted diamond used after 1920. The Victorian jewelry is very specific to the eye and is circa 1820

The different jewelry eras which later were Art Nourveau and Art Deco than the Modern age followed by the Retro and later the Contemporary have many other times, style and names which needs to be evaluated by the jewelry estate buyer. It’s essential for a seller to have jewelry evaluated correctly to yield the highest selling price.

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