Appraisal Form

Appraisals serve many purposes which can benefit you greatly if done properly by a trained gemologist.  Here are just just just just few reasons to appraise your jewelry.

 Insurance Replacement, most people think your jewelry is covered under a content policy for your renters or homeowners policy.  This is not true, each piece must be underwritten by your agent and insured at current market value for replacement.  This should be done every 7 YEARS.

 Gem Identification, this service allows you to uncover that rare gem that may be sitting your drawer or tossed to the side.  Gina Watson, GIA gemologist will give you the breakdown on any gem and its specifics.

 Appraisal for sale, you may be tired of that old piece of jewelry or may have inherited a piece which doesn't reflect your style.  Our gemologist can appraise your jewelry or stones at fair market value for re-sell.

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