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All Sales are Final. No refunds. Exchange only. 14 day exchange policy. No exchanges on watches.

(1) Estate Jewelry: All estate jewelry is sold “as is” and can have some wear to its setting which should be monitored by your jeweler. SBJ is not responsible for warranting estate or antique jewelry and recommends caring for your purchase with a qualified jeweler

(2) Alterations: Purchases that are sized or altered are not returnable;

(3) Representations: Opinions as to the grade, color and clarity of stones and the value of other jewelry/gem items may vary greatly. Customer acknowledges that SBJ and its employees have only represented in good faith what is in their opinion they believe the item to be. Customer accepts all responsibility for the quality and value of any purchase. It is the customer’s responsibility to independently evaluate any purchase prior to sale.

(4) Waiver/Modification of Terms: No term or condition of the agreement may be waived or modified except by a written agreement signed by an officer of SBJ.

(5) Credit and/or other types of Purchases: If customer purchased merchandise with a credit card, pay-pal or wire-transfer customer acknowledges he has received full value and waives his right to cancel purchase with the credit card, Pay-pal or bank issuer. Customer remains liable for the entire purchase price.

(6) Layaway items: Under no circumstances will any refund of deposit be made on any layaway item. Further, customer acknowledges that he is responsibility for full payment on any l item. Full payment will be due (90) day s after purchase or such longer period as such customer and SBJ may agree to in writing.

(7) Security of items: If customer does not pay in full and does not take delivery of the purchased item, customer has the option to request that the item be sealed and remain sealed until payment in full has been made and customer takes delivery. Customer understands that there is no refund of deposit and customer remains fully liable for the entire purchase price. No cash refunds.

(8) Other Warranty: SBJ is not responsible for loss of stones or wear of metal as a result of normal or negligent use. SBJ recommends that customers have jewelry inspected by a jeweler every 6 months
Grading & Appraisals: Diamonds sold without an independent Lab report are subject to SBJ’s grading opinion. Grading is subjective. SBJ will not be held legally responsible for differing grading opinions and/or value.

(9) Fees: In the event that suit is bought to enforce or interpret any part of this agreement, SBJ shall be entitled to recover as an element the cost of suit and not as damages, a reasonable attorney’s fee to be fixed by the court. SBJ shall be entitled to recover their costs of the suit whether or not the suit proceeds to final judgment. Severability: if any provision of this contract is held unenforceable, all of the remaining terms shall be valid and enforceable and it shall not voided the entire contract.

(10) Entire Agreement: This sales agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and there are no other expressed or implied warranties of quality, merchandise, or fitness of a particular purpose and under no circumstances shall customer be entitled to any other relief compensation or damages, either direct, incidental or consequential, arising out of the use or inability to use any items.

(11) Customized items: SBJ has advised me that the custom items installed upon my watch & itemized upon this receipt, as custom, are not items that were manufactured, authorized or approved by ROLEX or other watch companies. I have chosen to purchase these items due to the savings I have received when I compared to similar items offered by the manufacture. The addition of non-original parts may affect the manufacturer’s warranty period. In the event of malfunction during the manufactures warranty period, we will at no cost to you, repair your watch if the manufactures refuse to do so under their original warranty. Watch dials sold and indicated upon your receipt as customs: or refinished, are original factory watch dials that have been stripped to bare metal and repaired. A professional watch dial refinishing company then reapplied the markers, reprints the original brand name upon the newly colored or refinished dial. The addition of diamond or stone background may also have been added and are also indicated as custom diamond, or custom MOP, Lapis, Onyx.

(12) Acknowledgment: Customer agrees he has read and understood all terms and conditions of this agreement: that customer has had the opportunity to ask and all questions, and that has received answers to any questions in writing signed by an officer of SBJ. Any controversy of claim arising out of or relating to this contract or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Uniform Rules for Better Businesses Bureau Arbitration, and the judgment upon the award tendered by the Arbitrator may be entered in any Court having jurisdiction thereof.